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Data Privacy Policy

Our website address is: https://directory27.eu  

The website is managed by Mehdi Touzani – Lawyer of the Paris Bar, 1 rue Alfred de Vigny – 75008 – France.  

Directory27.eu is hosted by SiteGround.eu  and uses a CDN for speed and security. 

Directory27.eu is made to allow businesses and professionals to be found through a searchable Directory.

Various options are available on the website, including self-management of content data and account deletion from some parts of the website. Please check the section “Ticket Support System” below for instructions about making a request concerning data privacy rights.

  • Individual Employees of a Company cannot have a profile on Directory27.eu

The purpose of this website is to list professionals and companies that can answer to clients requests immediately and under their own name on the invoices.  This website is not about personal careers. Premium Profiles may include a list of employees with links to their linked-in  or company’s pages, but they cannot have an individual page. 

  • Individuals can be candidates and post job/business opportunities.

Directory27.eu contains a job board to be used freely by registered members.

  • Individuals can be candidates to any job offer.
  • After approval, they can also post an “opportunity”: a call to be hired, a service that you can offer.
  • Individuals can be authors
    • It is possible to publish articles and be part of the authors of the blog.
    • Individuals can do this to get exposure
    • Or just to help Directory27 and participate in an adventure, see where it goes.
  • Individuals can post in the Network
    • The Network offers the features of most other social networks.
    • It gathered the activity of its entire member, and allows to be informed of published articles, and other activities of the community.
    • You can create groups to focus on a particular theme.
    • Private groups require prior approval to verify the topic of the group and the rules of access.
  • Independant professionals are often under the legal obligation to use their own name as a business name. 
    Therefore, such individual names are business names and any correlation or profiling made possible by this fact is a consequence of the law applicable to the concerned independant professional. 
  • The only protection available is the protection of content to registered users, and the possibility to use unprecise office adresses on maps.
  • Freshmen, that is to say men and women that just graduated and are available on the job market may have a specific profile.
  • The purpose of the Freshmen profiles will be detailled in due time in the appropriate section of this website.

The « Do Not Track » header (DNT) is an instruction sent to a website by browsers, informing the website that the users does not want to be tracked.

Directory27.eu is currently testing a traffic analysis solution that implements DNT.

For more information about DNT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Do_Not_Track

  • Cookies are used to identify you on the website, for easier log-in, access to profiles, and coordination of the website functions.
  • Cookies are used to control spam and detect suspicious “non-human” activities.
  • Cookies do not use individual information but IP addresses.
  • Cookies are stored on your computer and can be deactivated or deleted from your browser option panel.
  • You can also deactivate cookies from Directory27.eu website, by deselecting the “remember me” checkbox on login.


Third parties cookies

  • Google maps
  • Google analytics

Check the parts below for more details about each of these applications.


  • This website uses Google analytics in order to  improve its service.

Google analytics is a global service that can be deactivated by individuals with Google directly by going to:


Google Privacy Policy (all services)  https://policies.google.com/privacy/ 

Google Privacy Policy,  by product  https://policies.google.com/technologies/product-privacy?hl=en

Directory27.eu now uses MapBox, because it is easy to use and provides a cheaper service than Google Maps. 

MapBox does not geolocate users as soon as they enter the frontpage of the website, but only when needed. 

For more information: https://www.mapbox.com/privacy/

It is a Minimization advised by GDPR applied to adresses visible on Maps or on Profiles.

The fact is that visitors of this website are not interested in the exact adress, that they will get by contacting you.

However, they need relevant location information such as State, Citry, or Zip code. 


Fake adresses are not allowed. 

For the Directory, a partial adress must contain the following information:
– State

It is enough to generate a valid geolocation. The zip code is useful to avoid having many markers in the center of a big city, and dispatch them over space with relevant area information. 

The directory listing allow to move a marker manually on the map, not to confuse with other markers (go to Edit Listing, the icon with a pen on your listing description page, then scroll down to the map and click n drag the marker).

It is possible to add:
– Street name without street number. The marker will be placed in the middle of the street.

There is no adress field in my Profile ?

You can add an adress in the “map marker infowindow” which pop-up when a user clicks on your marker.

Profiles can contain your adress if it is an important information.

To move a marker on the map, you first generate a marker (button “Generate on the Map”) then you can click the marker and move it around manually.

if “Generate” button causes an error message, it is probably because the adress repeats state, city info. The adress field just need street name and adress.

You can use GPS coordinate if you want.

 Then click on “Generate on the map”. 

Once satisfied of the location of the marker, submit the new listing for approval. 

Directory27.eu relies on Youtube  and YouTube API to broadcast videos. 

Youtube keeps a right to analyze data of the users of directory 27.eu when they reach a page displaying a video and/or play it. The data is of course used to show to the video owner his stats about videos, and is used by YouTube according to their privacy policy. Fore more information, please check Google Privacy Policy.https://policies.google.com/privacy/

  • Candidates can answer to job offers, ads or opportunities posted by members.
  • Directory27.eu does not store any resume online.
  • When a candidate applies to an offer, an option to upload and send a resume to the employer/announcer is available.
  • Applications to jobs, ads, opportunity is under the responsibility of the job poster and the candidate.
  • Candidates and job/ad/opportunity posters may complain to Directory27.eu in case of an issue with the other party. Directory27.eu remains free to take or to not take any action as appropriate or legally possible against one or te other party.
  • Directory27’s  internal network can display post, connect with other users, create groups, and post in groups. It has the basic features of all social networks. 
  • The network displays different profiles which can contain links to an external website or to your Pro-Directory profile.
  • The network allows displaying activities such as published posts or replying to registered users questions, participating in groups. It also allows regrouping all the activities in a Pro-Profile.
  • Each user is free to delete one or several post of his. Each user is free to delete his social network own account and should maintain usage of the other functionalities.
  • Each user is obligated to respect other users and to maintain a peaceful behavior online.
The network has advanced functions which are useful for data privacy, such as deletion.
The network is currently managed by an application installed on the website, but might move to a network managed by a third party and which offers exactly the same functions. The reason why an external network is contemplated, is to remove the need for monitoring. In such a case, the external network would need to be connected to this website using Zapier connectors. For example, a Zap needs to be connected to publish articles on the website and on the network simultaneously. Another Zap would be needed to register users on the website and on the external website. This is still under evaluation because the current network offers the same functions without the need to give credentials to a third party. 
Additionally, Data Privacy Rights that are currently managed directly by users would need to be managed through the third party.
For more information about Zapier, please visit https://zapier.com/help/what-is-zapier/

Forms available on Directory27.eu use anti-spam technics:

Calculus captcha verifies humanity by asking the visitor to perform  a mental calculation. This function is provided by a script on the webiste. The script does not analyze visitors behavior, besides being a good training for everyone. 

SmartHoneyPot is a hidden function that analyzes and detect bots attempting to post spam on forms. It is integrated into the forms of this website. For more information about Smart HoneyPot, please visit: https://smarthoneypot.com/

Directory27.eu uses a ticket support system as Help Desk. It can be used to contact the website administrator for technical & sales support, and to exercise rights of access and deletion.

The Help Desk is available to registered users only


In the upper menu, click on “My Account”, then “Help Desk”.

Once logged in, click the “new ticket” button. 

Fill in the empty fields and select the relevant category. 

Delete my Data may concern any data to which users do not have access. Most data generated by users can be deletd by themselves. Sometimes, deletion is not technically feasible in reasonable time and budget, and complete deletion of the account may be required before creating a new one.

Once your request is received, it will be managed manually. 

Reassign content to my new ID
On the picture below, one of the UI that is used to delete your data. Sometimes, we can reassign content to your new identity, but sometimes it is not easy or not possible.

Once deleted, all data and information is gone forever from our website.

Deletion does not gurantee that third party websites operated independantly did not manage to get and keep the data. Sometimes, it will take a little bit of time for the deletion to propagate and for the page reference to completely disappear from web search tools.

We don’t share your data with any third parties except the plugins mentionned in this privacy policy, which are common tools used by the large majority of websites in the world. 

Exercise of Rights

How to exercise your rights on Directory27.eu

Data Privacy Rights

Most rights are managed by yourself. In case of problem, login to our TICKET SUPPORT SYSTEM
Go to Help Desk

To be continued…

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